April 6, 2010

Andrew Joron
Trance Archive—New and Selected Poems
City Lights
120 pages

I heard Joron in Oakland just a few days ago, during which he read two longer pieces, one of which, a portion of, is included in this book. He also played the wavering theremin with his band, Free Rein. Trance Archive is a collection of his work, spanning over twenty years—from Force Fields forward. As with Celan, with whom he visits within, the writing moves, over time, into a mystically crystalline intensity. The most recent work is playful, but not stupidly so, and yet not overly serious either. It is of the shifts of single phonemes, and the release of these, that set the poem on its way. In just the fourth month of this new year, I can absolutely guarantee that this will be one of the most cherished books, most agile of lyric wonders, by the end of it.

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